Very rare whiskies

Posted on March 24, 2014 by Jack Cummins

Hello everyone,

Its been a while since you've heard from us. We really should write more...

We've started selling some extremely rare whiskies and collections of whiskies on our website. Most recently we've  added a collection painstakingly built up over several years. It is comprised of Macallan 18 year olds every year starting from 1945. My mind boggles at the thought that this was distilled in the same year the second world war ended. How different the world was then! And the collection continues every year until 1986. How different was the world, and I, in 1986?

Of course, such a majestic sweep of history doesn't come cheap, but this is truly a unique collection and will surely appreciate in value. I came across a single bottle of 15 year old Macallan, bottled in 1947 for sale in the UK at the equivalent of HKD 379,600 (duty paid). This price makes this whole collection of 42 bottles seem a positive bargain!

Snap it up, why don't you? It's priced for a quick sale, at less than HKD1.5 million!