Very Rare Cask Strength Single Malt from a closed distillery - Littlemill 21 year old

Posted on April 10, 2014 by Jack Cummins

This is a 21 year old Littlemill, 53.6% ABV. Littlemill was a Lowland distillery which was destroyed by fire in 2004. It was claimed to be Scotland's oldest distillery. So this is a real rarity, a piece of history never to be repeated.
We were lucky enough to get a sample. It was an immediate tropical fruits 'Wow'. Here is a review from Miss Whisky.


It was bottled by Lady of Glen, a new independent bottler. It sells in the UK for GBP 95. So with the 100% duty here in HK, it will be at something like double that, around HKD 2400, but we'll keep the costs down as much as possible. The cost of transport from the UK will depend on how many bottles we order. Once we know how many bottles we're going to get, then the prices will be finalised. At this stage, we just want you to register your interest. Later we will confirm the price.

Any prepaid orders will get the best price possible, estimated to be 20-30% cheaper than the regular sales price on the store. This means that if you order and pay for the whisky before its imported, you will be rewarded by paying the lowest possible price. I'll post about this later.

There will not be much Littlemill whisky left in the world, certainly not at 21 years old and Cask Strength! The bottler could get many more bottles by diluting to 40%. Praise be to Gregor Hannah of Lady of the Glen!

So let me know if you are interested in the Littlemill, but be quick. There aren't many bottles left!