DAILUAINE 29 year old, "Old Spiced Balm", 46%

Region: Speyside
Distillation Year: 1983
Bottling Year: 2013
Number of bottles: 311
Dailuaine is a Diageo owned distillery whose output goes mostly into blended Scotch such as the Johnny Walker range. There have only been two official bottlings by the Diageo so this is a rare opportunity to try a Dailuaine of a good age. It would be very interesting to compare this to the James Macarthur 13 year old.
From the Single Malting independent review:

Colour:     Polished gold

 Nose:     Should we be engaging in any number of back to back manly activities as we sniff this? I can picture the Old Spice guy complete with ripped 6 pack holding a glass of this aloft. More so than usual I have been all over the descriptive names Wemyss have come up with in this edition. Spicy, perfumey, balmy. Walking into a spice shop with open racks of exotic spices. Candle Wax and wood polish. Hints of dried tropical fruits like banana and papaya.

Palate:     Spice cupboard medley with mouth coating fullness. Only age does this to a whisky. This is my first Dailuaine and I like where this is going. There is a little citrus wood polish element to it after it has been soaked into old hardwood. A background note of eucalypt makes me miss being home on Christmas Eve.

 Finish:     A really nice 46% tingle that hits the roof of my mouth especially. Long and developing into clove and linseed Oil (I use it to oil my cricket bats).

 Delicious old whisky that is extremely rare. It's a pity Diageo only release a bottling about every 10 years. I would be interested to try more from this distillery. I wonder what a younger Dailuaine would bring to the table.


From Wasted Genius review of Whisky Advent Calendar, where this Dailuaine was chosen for Christmas Eve.

Distillery: Dailuaine
Cask Type: Hogshead
Cask #: 4339
Region: Speyside
Age: 29 years
ABV: 46%
Nose: Light tropical fruit (banana perhaps?) and a well-stocked spice rack.
Palate: A bit of an oily or honey feel which coats the tongue. Spices flit across my tastebuds as notes of citrus develop.
Finish: Long, gentle fade with lingering spice.
Overall: It took a few minutes to grow on me but I’m glad I took the time. Smooth and rich, I’d pair this with (or have shortly after) a slice of apple pie and vanilla ice cream. It’s one to savour slowly as you sit in a comfortable chair and contemplate if this dram is the one that caps your night (I’d go back for one more).

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