DUTHIES LOWLAND REGION Blended Malt, 46% by Cadenhead's

Region: Lowlands
ABV: 46%
Age: NAS

Nose: Sweet soft chewy fruits with a nice floral tone at the back.
Palate: Summer fruit cocktails on the beach, peaches and cream gentle warming soft spice with a hint of cream and fudge.
Finish: Really nice soft fruit with hints of vanilla ice cream and toasted almonds

Independent review by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015: 89.5 points

n22: lovely citrus freshens up the barley;
t22: the barley jags into the palate from various, unsatisfied angles until settlnig on a light massaging style full of lightly sugared, soothing oils;
f23: happier now, reverts to citrus and simple caressing vanilla;
b22.5: a classic gentle pre-prandial top-up.


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