Region: Goa, India
Year of production: 2013
ABV: 46%

John Distillieries is a large Indian drinks company producing whisky, brandy and wines. Its best selling product, responsible for about 95% of revenue, is 'Original Choice' which is the world's number 9 best selling whisky. 

In 2007 the company set up a single malt distillery with one pair of copper pot stills. In 2012 their first single malt was released. The whiskies have no age statement but maturation occurs so much more quickly in the tropical state of Goa in India. The angel's share is about 10% a year in India, compared to 1.5% in Scotland. This means that 4-5 years aging in India may be equivalent to about 15 years in Scotland.

This whisky, the Brilliance, is an unpeated single malt produced from six-row barley from the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. It is then matured in ex-bourbon casks for no more than 4-5 years. 

Bottlers notes:

Nose: The Demerara sugars give off a whiff of sweet fragrances, with a hint of cinnamon, dash of honey and faint spices.

Palate: Sweet and spice and all things nice, make this Single Malt. The honey-like smoothness is offset by the crunchy-bar-like crispness. Somewhere, there is also a tinge of cocoa.

Finish: Brilliance has a smooth and beautifully relaxed finish, with a hint of mild spices and deep intense vanilla.

Colour: Sparkling copper.

Pairing: With its rich accents of vanilla and subtle hints of spice, this Single Malt is the ideal accompaniment to luscious fruit pies and Indian grilled meat dishes.


From Jim Murray's Whisky Bible: 94.5 points

Nose 23.5: A complex amalgam og nougat, spotted dog pudding (sans sultanas) and orange blossom honey with the vanilla spinning tangled webs just beneath. Honey is captured as the bourbon element expands...; a delilcate gristiness ushers in a freshness to the custard tart.

Taste 24: The mouth feel exudes start quality with the barley generating all kinds of juicy riches with the light Demerara sugars forming an elegant accompaniment. A coppery spine is soon carrying the barley in varied forms while a gorgeous cocoa substrata heralds in the spices which buzz the taste buds at will.

Finish 23.5: Beautifully relaxed: a light tingle from the spices pulses contentedly, the vanillas gather in deeper intensity yet the barley and copper stretches to the end.

Balance 23.5: Yet another astonishing malt from India.



Category: India, John Paul, Single Malt

Type: Single Malt

Vendor: John Paul

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