GLEN KEITH 19 years old, 46%

Region: Speyside
Distillation Year: 1993
Bottling Year: 2012
ABV: 46%

From an independent reviewer: 84 points

Nose: fresh , slightly bitter , unripe fruity , lime , melon peel , fresh wood , peeled young Astrinde , some vanilla pods

taste: only spicy - spicy , white pepper , herbaceous, then creamy , subtly bitter , some dark chocolate and coffee finish

Finish: 'darker' than Nose & Taste : creamy - spicy, dark chocolate , coffee beans

Comments: not complacent , but interesting , nice contrast between  'light' nose and 'dark' finish, good example of a light, older whiskey from probably multi-use Bourbon Barrel - such whiskies you just do not get from 1st -fill barrels


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