WhiskyHongKong was started by people who love things that taste great, especially drinks. These include great tea, coffee, wine and, of course, whisky. In Hong Kong, we found that most of the whiskies available in bars and shops, even in the duty free, are the same 'usual suspects'. These are the standard expressions of the huge corporations that own many of the most famous distilleries. They do make some great whiskies, however....

....We longed for the taste of whiskies that are stronger than 40% ABV, that may be older than many available, or that may be from a single cask from a distillery we've never tried before. So these are the kind of products that we aim to bring you. We are certainly not averse to young whiskies, we stock some 8 year old blended malts, and we're not even averse to Blended Scotch - we have some of that too. We may even be adding other worthy products to our range, if we think them good and exciting enough.

We are located in Hong Kong and are looking forward to serve you. Please do get in touch. You can interact with us by phone, email or on our Facebook page here.


Telephone: call Jack on 2545 2548