BOWMORE 26 year old "Sweet Peat Posy", 46%

Region: Islay
Distillation Year: 1987
Bottling Year: 2014
Number of bottles: 231



One reviewer wrote:

Fantastic!The nose is big and complex with loads of coastal peat, sweet fruit and flora. It just keeps evolving through layers of peat, sweetness and flora. On the taste, intense chocolate then burning hay and grass, citrus peel, strong floral oak, tobacco and pipe smoke. develops very salty brine and seaweed. The finish is long with layers of floral peaty seaweed. Lovely stuff!!


Another one wrote:

Earthy Sweet Chocolate - Delicious
Earthy sweet chocolate on the nose. A Heavenly earthy peat and a floral chocolate melt over the tongue. A light fragrant tingle at the back of the throat. The finish is mildly warm, dancing with earth tones almost barley like. Finally a dry easy taste of peat coats the mouth for a considerable time.

Independent review from Ben's Whisky:

n - Sweet, wooded, beautiful parmas
b – Perfect balance of parmas and structure, this is exactly what I want from an older Bowmore.
f – long and beautiful.  Has the perfume and the structure.
This is a big buy.  It’s a lot of money so it’s still hanging around but it’s a fantastic whisky.

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