ABV: 55%

Size: 700ml

This magnificent Gin is infused with Saffron, the world's most expensive spice. This Gin is regarded as one of the world's best.

Bottler's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Perfumed, aromatic and smooth.
Palate: This gin slips over the palate with ease. With tonic it sparkles; on ice with bitters it's lively.
Our 55% version is simply described as more.
Review by Gin Reviews:
Old Raj Gin is unlike anything you’ve ever had before.
And that’s a good thing…
According to Cadenhead’s Website, the oldest independent bottler of spirits, Established 1842.
They are Sticklers for Perfection and want only the best, which is a justifiable reason to use the worlds most expensive Spice: Saffron. 
Most of the world’s Saffron production comes from Iran, and just to yield a pound requires up to 75,000 flowers.
This is the taste of Prestige and Royalty, and you will feel like a king when you drink Old Raj Gin.
I want you to stop right now and repeat to yourself, “I’m worth it.” As this was the theme going through my mind when I consumed Old Raj Gin. Things slow to a crawl and a time to relax is Upon us. It is required to realize that in no means should you be rushed when enjoying yourself, and extra special care needs to be payed attention to the atmosphere of enjoyment.
What I really admire about Old Raj Gin is that it’s brought a new understanding and given me an opportunity to appreciate my work in understanding gins. The greatest asset is time, and I don’t think many people have the situation to sit down at a bar for hours and enjoy a single serving of Old Raj Gin.  So then now we are limited to endowments into the company of our own home. And it has to be enjoyed with others, so more careful planing and thought go into this ceremonial experience.
This cannot be rushed and has to be embraced in all avenues of understanding. I would argue that the american people to drink a gin, straight, at their own speed, would be hard pressed to be found a common thing.

Cadenhead’s Old Raj Gin bring a certain level of control that is best served straight. Taking the pure essence for what it’s worth is where it’s at. 

We give this gin our Seal of Approval
    You Deserve It
    Not a pickup and go gin.
      Review by CocktailHacker:
      The first thing you notice about Old Raj is its pale golden color.  This unique color is imparted through the use of saffron added personally by the company chairman to assure consistency.  Next you’ll encounter Old Raj’s notable strength.  Bottled at 55% ABV or 110 proof in the US system Old Raj is one of the market’s highest proof gins (Plymouth Navy Strength is 57%).  This higher than usual proof gives Old Raj a fiercer than normal burn, but interestingly the burn fades very quickly.  The scent of Old Raj is equally powerful but very pleasant.  The first note you pick up is juniper followed by a wonderful mix of the other botanicals.

      The flavor…is fantastically bold and the botanicals shine through brilliantly.  One of the tasters summed it up best when he said “Holy…Crap…”  You get the juniper very strongly at the outset then it mellows slightly giving way to the other flavors.  The next note that I picked up most was a nice flavor of cardamom.  The finish on this gin is a warming juniper flavor that stays with you for quite some time.

      The Raj is powerful mojo to be sure and it takes a special application to make it shine.  Although it seems a bit counter intuitive due to its price, simple applications suit this gin well.  I’ve tried it in both a Gin and Tonic and a Gimlet and found that it works extremely well in both.  But these applications seem like a bit of a waste of the Raj.  If you want to enjoy the subtleties of this, or any, gin try it straight up or on the rocks.  You’ll be amazed at the complexity and flavors.
      Review by DrinkHacker:
      That’s not a typo, this is really a 55% alcohol gin, making it one of (if not the) highest-proof gins on the market, as well as one of the most expensive. I was girding myself for detox when I took the first sip but, to my amazement, Old Raj 110 isn’t really hot at all. Smooth and subtle, it’s sippable on its own or in a martini (or, really, any other cocktail — it’s quite versatile). Juniper is muted, and orange/orange peel are hefty on the nose. Old Raj is the slightest bit yellow due to the addition of saffron to the infusion, but it’s very subtle. The flavors all come across as fresh and natural here — nothing chemical, no aftertaste — all completely in harmony and offering a nicely semisweet finish. If it weren’t for the price this would be my new house gin. A
      Review by SummerFruitCup:
      Quite strong alcohol on the nose with juniper and coriander notes coming through, too.
      The taste is spicy with heavy citrus, almost to the point of being sherberty. Complex with a good portion of juniper and a touch of burn on the tongue. The flavour is fuller than the Red, but there is more burn from the alcohol.

      Strong flavour, in particular citrus, with additional hints of pine and vanilla. The juniper seems quite fresh rather than dry.

      Greater flavour than the Red and the additional alcoholic strength is immediately noticeable: this is drink that doesn’t do things by halves. This may be too intense for some people, but, that said, it surprisingly seems to have less burn than the Red version.

      The flavours of the lime cordial and the gin seem more distinct from each other in the Blue Gimlet. The gin is more intense and, like the Martini, the drink is obviously more alcoholic.

      Gin Bump
      Dry initially followed by a crescendo of sweetness. A long and herbally finish.Negroni
      Bitter but more smooth, rounded and easier to drink than the Red. The Gin is more prevalent and it is evident that this is quite a strong drink, perfect for a Friday evening.

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      Type: Gin

      Vendor: Cadenhead

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