Copy of AMRUT INTERMEDIATE SHERRY, 57.1% - 96.5 points

Region: Bangalore, India
ABV: 57.1%

This whisky was matured first in bourbon casks, then Oloroso sherry casks then again in bourbon casks, hence 'Intermediate Sherry'. This innovative approach has paid off with whisky reviewers, conservative and controversial, awarding it consistently in the 90+ points range.

Given the dry climate in Bangalore, the Angel's Share is more like 11-12% compared to Scotland's 2%. This means that the whisky matures much more quickly, and that its mostly water that evaporates leaving the whisky stronger.

Independent review from Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2015:

96.5 Points - (n24.5); (t24); (f23.5); (b24.5) how do you get three freshly emptied oloroso butts from Jerez to Bangalore without the casks spoiling, and not use sulphur? Answer: empty two cases of Amrut cask strength whisky into each of the butts before shipping them. Not a single off note. No bitterness whatsoever. And the fruit is left to impart its extraordinary riches on a malt matured also in American Oak. Amrut is spoiling us again. 

Independent review from Whiskyfun:

Amrut 'Intermediate Sherry Matured' (57.1%, OB, 2010) Five stars This one was first matured in bourbon and new oak, then in sherry, then in bourbon again. Interesting, especially the way the distillery ‘treated’ the sherry casks.They ordered casks from Spain but instead of letting the suppliers burn sulphur into them – which I believe is the normal procedure – they shipped cases of Amrut CS to Spain and asked the Spaniards to fill each butt with some whisky and then roll them, so that the distillate would protect the wood from bacteria and mould during transportation from Jerez to Madras and then Bangalore.

What’s funny is that with my friend and winemaker Olivier, who does it with some of his own wine casks, we had already told several Scots that they should do that with their own spirits, so that they could avoid the dreadful sulphury notes. Not sure they ever followed our advices, as it’s a very expensive method! But let’s try the result now…

Colour: deep gold.

Nose: it’s sherried but not that much. Notes of cherries, raspberry, kirsch, a little orange liqueur, rosehip tea... Maybe old roses as well. All that is very clean, fragrant... Notes of raspberry ganache. With water: more spices from the wood, ginger and lemon balm. The oak was quite active here.

Mouth (neat): rich and creamy, very appealing, sweet, more aromatic than the “average” sherried malt. Notes of Turkish delights, rose water, orange marmalade... Very pleasant spiciness (star anise, cinnamon). Again, it's very clean, almost a little zesty. With water: very nice citrusy notes and many spices. Most unusual but perfect. Liquorice, pepper, ginger and marmalade.

Finish: long, on the same notes, with a faint saltiness and maybe a little peat. Comments: this new style is impressively to my liking. Perfect first fill sherry without any cloying elements, and no single traces of burnt matches/rubber whatsoever. SGP:553 - 91 points.

Independent review from All Things Whisky:

Amrut Intermediate Sherry, 57.1% abv, Score:  92/100 
An exemplary showing of flawless sherry cask maturation.  Beautiful juicy Oloroso meets exotic Indian spice in a Monsoon Wedding of epic proportions.  I’m not even gonna wait till the end of this review to let you know the verdict.
I.  Love.  This.  Whisky.
Seriously, I’ve said it before and I’m spouting it here again:  Amrut is one of the absolute greatest, most fantabulous, untouchable distilleries on the planet.  Every new release is a thing of excitement and anticipation.
So, what is Intermediate Sherry exactly?  Well…this is what Amrut have referred to as ‘sandwich maturation’.  The whisky grows old (well…by Indian climate standards anyway) first in Ex-bourbon casks, then in Oloroso butts, then back into ex-bourbon.  I believe brand ambassador, Ashok Chokalingam, referred to this is as a ‘sherry sandwich’ when last we met.
So what is it that makes this one so special?  This…
Nose:  Beautiful Oloroso sherry sweetness.  Raw bread dough.  Orange zest and cherry.  Cocoa shavings.  Amrut spice melange…particularly nutmeg.  Wee bits of eucalyptus.  Raspberry puree.  Soft, crumbly sugar cookies.  Bordering on the perfect olfactory experience.
Palate:  Warm melting chocolate.  Orange (and maybe lemon) notes.  Spicy and sweet cherry/raspberry juiciness.  Again…a slight minty tang.  So much more going on here that I simply struggle to unravel it all, but man…what an exceptionally delicious and zesty linger.  Wow.
One of the absolute highlights of the Amrut range.
Buy Amrut.  Support this distillery.

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