ABV: 46%

Size: 700ml

94 Points, Beverage Testing Institute.

This magnificent Gin is infused with Saffron, the world's most expensive spice. This Gin is regarded as one of the world's best.

Bottler's Tasting Notes:

Nose: Perfumed, aromatic and smooth.
Palate: This gin slips over the palate with ease. With tonic it sparkles; on ice with bitters it's lively.


Review by DrinkHacker:

While it’s clearly designed to be easier-drinking than its 110-proof big brother, I frankly didn’t notice a lot of difference in the two gins when tasted side by side. The smallest amount of extra melted ice in the 110 proof will, for example, make these two functionally identical. No reason not to grab one over the other, really. The money you save on this bottle — if you can find it; not many outlets seem to stock the milder version — is offset almost exactly by the alcohol lost in the watering down. Stick with the 110 bottle and it’ll last longer (in theory). A-
Review by SummerFruitCup:
Soft and quite smooth, with subtle, complex flavours of fruit and spice.
Distinct citrus flavours; refreshing and flavourful. Simply wonderful; most folks would go back for a second glass. Easy to drink with less pronounced juniper notes than some gin and tonics that are nonetheless well-defined.
Strong juniper; rather classic with a twist of spice. The gin made it incredibly warming, although it does smooth off towards the end.
Flavourful with a lemony element. Neither of the ingredients overpower the other and there is a very full mouth feel, not unlike Roses’ Lime Marmalade. Not as crisp as most Gimlets, but still pretty good.
Gin Bump
Thirst quenching, quite sweet, fresh and gingery.
Quite intense and bitter, saffron seems to come through (at least its bitterness). It’s intensely herbal and very bitter.

Category: Cadenhead, Gin

Type: Gin

Vendor: Cadenhead

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