Size: 700ml & 1000ml

ABV: 44.5%

Difford's Guide: Outstanding


Bottler's Notes:

Zuidam Dry Gin’s unique taste comes from the special blend of botanicals used together with its small batch distillation method. After selecting the finest botanicals, including fresh oranges and lemons (rather than the usual dried peels), each botanical is separately distilled in a small pot still. This method ensures that the best and the freshest flavours are distilled from each botanical. Then, after distillation, all the botanicals are carefully blended and combined with triple distilled grain spirit to create the unique fresh flavour that is Zuidam Dry Gin.

Unique features of Dutch Courage Dry Gin:

  • Dutch Courage dry gin is distilled from Nine botanicals: juniper berries and iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica, sweet oranges and fresh whole lemons from Spain, liquorice root from India, cardamom and whole vanilla beans from Madagascar.
  • Unique distillation method with separate distillation of each botanical so producing a fresh, complex and layered flavour from a total of 14 distillations.

Tasting notes: The nose is clean with fresh citrus and earthy juniper notes and a beguiling hint of spice and vanilla.

The balance of Zuidam Dry Gin makes it perfect for a refreshing Gin and Tonic or a perfect Dry Martini.


Accolades for Zuidam Dutch Courage Dry Gin:

  • Difford's Guide: 5 stars in 2014
  • Gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2012

  • Master / Best in Class, Drinks Business
  • “Best White Spirit of the year” by Paul Pacults Spirits Journal
  • Gold medal, BTI competition in Chicago
  • “Classic, highest recommendation” (96-100 points) by Wine Enthusiast
  • Gold medal, Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition.
  • Best of Show, Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Review by GinReviews:

“Vanilla Ice of Gins”
“Flavors peak at different temperatures and if you throw everything together in the still, you end up with a dominance of juniper and a gin that is out of balance. By distilling separately, we get the purest flavors from all our ingredients. We are the only gin that I am aware of that uses vanilla—and we use only pure vanilla beans—not extracts. It is by far our most expensive ingredient. The vanilla knits the flavors together it makes a smoother gin that is more ‘one’”. -Patrick van Zuidam


A sort of creaminess comes to mind pushing a medium sense of alcohol urgency. Like shoveling you through the door, to gain good seats at the play. Vanilla strudel with fine ginger candy, and lemon gum drops lend the classic approach to the corner candy store. Whole fruit is used in the process not dry peel and the vanilla delivers a silky touch of  night wear. I thought of a bedroom the second floor with windows open, and a balcony overlooking an orchard, breezes carrying all the wonderful ingredients for you to let your senses run wild.


Presentation of Citrus explosion like tuning a piano, many keys are combined to make sure there is uniform. Strong upfront with almost an aggressive chase that moves gradually into midpalate and whispers away. Lemon flavored whipped cream. 6 weeks of stainless steel do this justice as you sit down in your seats.


Oranges and lemons sooth a sore throat from multiple performances, and things only get better.  A sudden vision of pizza pie hits me, and I can think of oregano, garlic, lemon with calamari, seems to be a great accompaniment to deep dish chicago style pizza. Must be the coriander taking me to Morocco.


Vanilla still lingering in the background, but nothing that hangs around like a bad penny.  Some tingles here and there, and it’s quite pleasant but I would say the aftertaste for me sticks around for 15+ seconds.  It the throat and into the stomach it coats and is incredibility smooth, light weight, silky, with tons of energy that sizzles.

Final Thought: A harmonious gin that is sure to turn a few heads. Using vanilla, we could see many an interesting cocktails and food pairings, from Italian food to desert. Could be a cannoli’s secret weapon. Even thought this is from holland, we could see a gateway of possibilities.


Definitely Different because of distillation, ingredients, and aging.
Would turn a few non gin drinker’s into gin drinkers
Solid Business Plan with former De Kuyper Master Distiller for 30 years
Tradition meets modern Twist
Fine line of Mixer and Main Ingredient


The Bottle doesn’t do it justice - [Jack: the bottle has been changed, looks lovely]

Diffords Guide (5 stars):


Crystal clear.


Restrained clean nose with piney juniper, zesty lemon and orange citrus. Faint parma violet and loose leaf black tea.


Clean and rounded with upfront piney juniper. Other botanicals are well integrated with distinctive liquorice and parma violet floral notes.


Nutty and celery-like notes emerge in the long piney, eucalyptus finish which provides waves of flavour. Overall: London dry in style, clean and well-integrated with extra peppery punch from the premium strength.



Category: Gin, Zuidam

Type: Gin

Vendor: Zuidam

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