DUTHIES HIGHLAND REGION Blended Malt, 46% by Cadenhead's

Region: Highland
ABV: 46%
Age: NAS

Nose: Sweet fruity and soft ripe pears with green apples. Candied banana.
Palate: Sweet oak and honey, rounded with a hint of sweet smoke but only a little, ginger bread and rich highland tablet, some toffee tones with a little soft spice.
Finish: Nicely balanced finish with just the right amount of highland floral notes, a little more of that toffee from the middle palate.

From WhiskyRover:

Colour: oiled pine
Nose: a hint of pineapple moving in watermelon, hob nob biscuits with melted butter, actually its moving more into a fruit salad now that requires a couple of days to truly ripen. Overall a refreshingly light, summery nose lacking real depth.
Taste: most of the nose moves sweetly onto the palate - you can either view this as a remarkable transition or dull - I prefer the former. The audience is joined by lemon and vanilla cup cake.
Overall a decent enough blended whisky that is priced arguably a little too high [in the UK] given the experience.

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