GLENGOYNE 14 year old, 46%

Region: Highland
Distillation Year: 2001
Bottling Year: 2015
ABV: 46%

Bottler's Notes:

Nose: Rich, meaty sherry notes.  Very intense with some treacle notes and lots of dark fruits.  

Palate: Thick and chewy, lots of sherry, hints of balsamic vinegar, black cherries, chocolate orange and a background creaminess.

Finish: You can chew this all night.  Big  whisky, toffee, blackberries, treacle and golden syrup.  Proper Whisky!

Independent review from Whisky Over:

Nose: Directly generous despite reduction in strength to 46%. Dry grapes and apricots, sweet spices. Fruit shells with woody features. A bit of bitter black chocolate, and orange zest after aeration.
Taste: The reduction is more noticeable here, the attack is soft and shy ... then pepper caramel comes into action at once. Spices, hazelnut, and chocolate caramel.
Finish: Average length. The spicy and exotic spices explode, it tickles everywhere. Shards of dry wood, and the powder of bitter cocoa which comes back in force.
Verdict: Clearly characterized by the exotic spices that are present. The reduction in strength is probably a good thing here, as it would surely have been too spicy at cask strength. The nose is particularly more-ish, but overall this Glengoyne is very pleasant and quite playful.


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