GLENLIVET 42 year old, 40.2%

Region: Speyside
Distillation Year: 1973
Bottling Year: 2015
ABV: 40.2%

Bottler's Notes:

Nose: Soft and juicy.  Peaches, passion fruit, soft lime notes and also kiwi and water melon.  
Palate: More juicy fruits, for such a delicate whisky this feels very thick. Olive oil, hints of Sauvignon blanc and lots of syrupy fruits.   
Finish: Dried citrus fruits.  some soft woodiness, creaminess grows but mingles with lots of thick tropical fruits.

​Independent review by WhiskyNotes:

Glenlivet – Minmore 42 yo 1973 (40,2%, Cadenhead Small Batch 2015, bourbon hogsheads, 630 btl.)

Nose: ah, 1970s polished oak! Plus a whole range of fruits: apricots, mirabelles, honeydew melon and really nice kiwi notes. Typical honey, coconut and some pollen. Buttercups. The sweet & sour balance makes it really vibrant.

Mouth: not weak at all, but soft, elegant and really oily. Very honeyed again, alongside apples, tinned apricots and pears. Some tobacco. Hardly any oak, just a minty side and light minerals towards the end. Classic stuff.

Finish: long, all on citrus fruits, mint and mild oak spices, mainly cinnamon.
The combination of fruity notes and a lighter, tart side is pretty perfect. It’s close to the famous Caperdonich 1972 profile, is that good enough? Around € 400.
Score: 91/100


​Independent review by Whiskyfun​:

Glenlivet (Minmore) 42 yo 1973/2015 (40.2%, Cadenhead, small batch) Four stars and a half I remember a 1973 under the Chairman’s Stock banner that was very OK, but perhaps a little bland. Let’s concentrate. Colour: straw. Nose: the oak’s doing all the talking after all these years, but the good news is that it’s some delicate, subtle, and rather restrained American oak. That translates into some coconut oils, soft vanilla crème, acacia honey, and plenty of meadow flowers, first buttercups, then dandelions and company. The bees would love this! The whole remains a little fragile, perhaps, I’m really curious about the palate… Mouth: it is an old lady, soft, with a lovely oak that may work just like crutches here. Indeed the spirit’s only whispering, while some soft chocolate and praline are talking a little louder. What I really enjoy is this wee smoky side, but that would rather be wood smoke. Cakes, forgotten tobacco pouch, very old Sauternes that’s lost a part of its oomph… In fact, it’s like some very old white Bourgogne that refuses to die. Moving. Finish: surprisingly active and lively, just like these old actors that are still very good on stage - but never listen to their interviews! Becomes a little tropical, with tinned pineapples and even bananas flambéed. And blood oranges. Comments: how to rate this old lady? Shall we even dare rating it? SGP:541 - 88 points.




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