GUYANA RUM, 15 years old, 46%

Guyana Rums and Demerara are from the same location, Demerara Rums are named after the Demera river valley in Guyana.

At one time over 200 stills produced rums in Guyana & it's Demera valley region.

Nose: Rum most definitely with spice and fruit. .
Palate: Creamy and dry at the front but opens to a sweet crisp fruity tone as the dram crosses the palate, Victoria sponge and fresh cream then a little honeycomb chocolate with peppery sweet spices. .
Finish: Quite rich thicker than expected with some rather nice vanilla & spice.

Category: Cadenhead, Guyana, On sale, Rum

Type: Rum

Vendor: Cadenhead

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