LINKWOOD 28 year old, 58.4%

Region: Speyside
Distillation Year: 1987
Bottling Year: 2015
ABV: 58.4%


Bottler's Notes:

Nose: Salted Caramel, multi seed bread.  Salted butter with faint medicinal notes.

Palate: Heavier than the nose suggests.  Baked apples,   dried apricots with walnuts and sightly earthy.

Finish: Initially fruit cocktail in syrup before drying out with coal dust and toasted brown bread.


Independent Review by Serge Valentin on Whiskyfun:

Linkwood-Glenlivet 28 yo 1987/2015 (58.4%, Cadenhead, Small Batch, sherry butts, 1062 bottles) Four stars and a half Gasp, Cadenhead again.

Colour: gold.

Nose: hold on, this is austere, tight, narrow, and really earthy/leafy, even leathery. Eh? Fino? Manzanilla? With water: perfect pu-her from the best trees on the best mountains. Stunning mossy smokiness.

Mouth (neat): a blade, and in that sense, an anti-Speyside. Lime and lemon, green apples, green walnuts, and yeah, manzanilla. Careful now… With water: gentler, mature, fruitier, but certainly not dull. Green apples, cider, walnuts, greengages…

Finish: long, sharp, narrow, green, getting zestier by the second.

Comments: okay, I’ll give it away. Do you know how Cadenhead’s are managing to have the best single malts these days? Because yeah, they have a secret, which they revealed to me after a few glasses of retsina too many, in a remote pub in Tarbert, on a cold winter night. In fact, they’re adding one bucket of Springbank to each and every cask they bottle, from Auchentoshan to Tullibardine. Serious, that’s how they do it, but shhh… that’s our little secret… SGP:461 - 89 points.

Independent Review by Dave Broom, 8.9/10


With a colour of light gold, suggesting understated cask influence, this shows oxidised, mature notes of classic Linkwood distillery character where linseed oil, and (weirdly) polished linoleum mingles with apple and plum. The high strength does mean it needs a little water to bring out an intense oiliness that drifts into thinned varnish and reminds you slightly of a smoke-free Brora. 


Beautiful. The requisite thick texture is here mixed with nose tickling pollen and the distillery’s fragrant orchard blossom. Water thickens the palate causing the whisky to cling to the mouth, reluctant to leave. Time and a judicious drop or three of water adds a faded, almost soporific quality in which you can feel the yellow fruits slowly decaying. Ripe, long, and supple. Finish: Thick and oily. 


Elegant and compellingly odd. Recommended.


One bottle, a decent glass, small jug of water.


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