LITTLEMILL 24 year old, 53.7% - 93 points!

Region: Lowland
Distillation Year: 1990
Bottling Year: 2015
ABV: 53.7%

Bottler's Notes:

Nose: Coconut creams. Vanilla custard, gooseberries and white chocolate flakes.
Palate: Almonds and peaches with lychee, traces of fresh oak and becoming much creamier.
Finish: Clotted cream, lemon icing and then juicy mandarins.

Independent review from Whiskyfun:

Littlemill 24 yo 1990/2015 (53.7%, Cadenhead, Small Batch) Five stars Another new one. Let’s give up literature (yeah right, S, literature!) Colour: gold. Nose: it’s a pure, austere, mineral Littlemill. More on skins than on fruit pulps, and I even find whiffs of new leatherette, new sneakers, chalkboard… Should we call this baby ‘schooly’? Also rather western fruits than tropical ones, so rhubarb and gooseberries instead of mango and maracuja. With water: I find that sneaky to put Yquem 1988 into a bottle of whisky. Very sneaky. Mouth (neat): ohh! A perfect straight tropical fruitiness that would even beat a 1976 Benriach, if that rings a bell to you. Not whisky, a sin. Quick, with water: there’s some Haendel in this. You know, the Hallelujah chorus from his Messiah. Other than that, oranges, citrons, guavas, lemons, and a touch of coconut. Finish: perhaps medium, certainly emphatically fruity. Comments: this demonstrates the superiority of very small batches vs. single casks. All my favourite whiskies were vattings of two or three (or four) casks, almost never single casks. Just saying, just saying. As for this wee Littlemill, it’s the, ach, err, the bomb. Hope the cheque’s in the mail, Cadenhead! SGP:651 - 93 points. PS: buy these black small batches. Future legends.

Independent review from WhiskyIsrael:

Littlemill 24 yo 1990/2015 53.7%, Cadenhead’s, Small Batch, € 360 (or so)
Nose: Rich and malty with quite some fragrant wood, vanilla and a metallic edge too. There’s some fruitiness as well with orchard fruit and a wee hint of crystallized pineapple, leather and damp earth.
Palate: Fruitier and sweeter on the palate with chocolate, toffee and caramel, rich oak and leather. Really a gentleman’s club feeling to it. The wood is lovely here and the balance is great too. Wood polish , pepper and mint.
Finish: Dry. Cocoa, wee hint of pineapple bits , toffee and nuts.
This is a cracking whisky , no doubt. It hit my sweet spot ,as it has enough lovely fruit and wood polish, and it is rather balanced. The age shines here, it offers every delight (almost) I am looking for in a whisky, there are many layers of flavors, each time I poured myself a dram, I was able to detect some more. Too bad this one sold out long ago. You can still get a bottle on the secondary market, but that will not be cheap – be ready to shell anything from 300 to 400 EUR, depending on the seller. At any rate – this is Super stuff.

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