LONGMORN 26 year old, Cask Strength at 49.5% - rated at 87 points

Region: Speyside

Distillation Year: 1987

Bottling Year: 2013

No. of Bottles: 402


Nose: Juicy fruits, lots of apple and pear notes.  Nose takes time to open up.

Palate: Old fashioned Speyside whisky, spice, toffee, dark fruits along with bombay mix.

Finish: Very long, spicy with honeycomb and more dark fruits coming through.


From Serge Valentin's WhiskyFun:

 Four stars Another one from this infernal new black series.

Colour: white wine.

Nose: as naked as possible, this baby's got neither vanilla nor any other kinds of 'oaky' aromas. So it's more or less barley eau-de-vie, with a lot of, well, barley, touches of moss, fern, tiny-wee touches of compost, apple peelings and gooseberries. Add to that a few floral notes, a little patchouli, pot-pourri, roses... And that's it. Interesting.

Mouth: same flavours, that is to say many apples and gooseberries, plus some lemon and lime. Add a spoonful of honey, a drop of amaretto and a little sugarcane syrup. Maybe a pinch of white pepper...

Finish: quite long, very zesty. Almost Littlemill-zesty, in a way. A little horseradish in the aftertaste. Comments: as I said, this is interesting. Fully time-matured, and certainly much to my liking, even if it wasn't totally heroic. SGP:641 - 87 points.


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