LORD ELCHO Blended Scotch 15 year old - Rated at 88 points

Silver Medal, International Wine and Spirits Competition 2013

Silver Medal, International Spirits Challenge 2013


The whisky’s depth of colour - rich and golden with copper undertones - clearly indicates a sherry cask influence on the blend and, upon nosing, it is immediately rich, warming and spicy. Dessert spices, sandalwood and a hint of pine needles follow closely behind, underpinned by a certain robust masculinity.
Lord Elcho’s smooth palate is immediately luscious, sweet and spicy, with cloves and spiced fruits following at a respectful distance to provide a long and luxurious finish.

Nose: Rich and warming with subtle hints of sweet spice and sandalwood

Palate: Mouthcoating, robust and smooth imbued with luscious spiced fruits and cloves

Finish: Long, lingering and uncompromisingly luxurious


From Charlie MacLean (Whisky Consultant):

“Rich, sweet and fragrant – yet virile. This is a first rate blend.”

From LivingRoom Whisky:

This blend is a mixture of malt and grain whiskies, all at least 15 years old with an emphasis on sherry casks. On the nose we were intially hit with chocolate fudge and raisins. This dissipated leaving a subtle trace of liquorice with a little vanilla before we found more fruity and toffee flavours. We were treated to maple syrup and sandalwood before detecting freshly cut grass on a damp day. The sherry influence is apparent in the richness of the nose and really adds to the complexity of the dram. Chocolate and fudge were immediately obvious on the palate. We found it to be incredibly smooth and rich; much like a New York cheesecake before discovering a little salt and maybe even some pepper heat as the whisky fades? The finish was long and smooth with some chilli heat present right at the death.

Wemyss have done really well here with a first foray into the blended market. It is a whisky that will appeal to all and it really does show how good blends can be. It’s rich, full of chocolate and toffee and is perfect as we move towards autumn and the colder and darker nights.


From WhiskyIsrael:

Nose: Very nice nose. Distinct sherry with sugars caramel and dried fruit in honey liquor. A bit of wood and vanilla on top of that sweetness. Stewed apples, wood.

Palate: Creamy and mouth coating, starts spicy, with pepper, and ginger powder, then goes on with wood spice, dark chocolate, and cocoa, hint of cloves and very nice chocolate-y notes.

Finish: Cocoa powder with dark chocolate, spice, wood and sherry.

So, how is it?

It is Very nice stuff, sweet, caramel-y and chocolaty. Nice winter dram for me (Israeli winters, that is), and very more-ish. I found myself sipping on it, and not realizing I’ve finished my sample bottles so quickly. Always a good sign, eh?

Score: 88/100


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