MILLSTONE 100 RYE WHISKY - Rated at 93 points, no. 3 in top 10.

Region: Holland

100 Proof (50% ABV)

100 Months Old

100% Rye Grain

100% Small Batch

100% Milled By Dutch Windmills

100% Small Pot Still Distillation

100% New American Oak

100% Hand Made


This is a 100% Rye grain whisky from Zuidam, a small family run business that produce their products from grain to glass. They even mill their grain in windmills!


From The Whisky Advocate:

From the distillery that received last year’s World Whisky award comes another contender for the title in 2013. This is called 100 because it’s 100 percent rye distilled in pot stills, 100 proof, and 100 months old (a bit over eight years). It’s big, and perfectly balanced between honey and fruit, sparkling distinctive raunchy spice, and a dash of ginger biscuits. This is rye to die for. Superb.—Dominic Roskrow

Advanced Whisky Advocate magazine rating: 93

Category: Single Grain, Whisky, Zuidam

Type: Single Grain

Vendor: Zuidam

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