NORTH PORT (BRECHIN) 38 year old, Cask Strength at 48.4%

Region: Highlands
Distillation Year: 1977
Bottling Year: 2015
ABV: 48.4%

Nose: A real fruit bomb, kiwi fruits, limes, pears in syrup and melted white chocolate. 

Palate: Very syrupy with soft woody notes.  More waxy fruity notes with dried spices and lemon sherbet.

Finish: Very syrupy and a little flinty.  Toffee bananas with more kiwis, lychees and watermelon.

Independent review by WhiskyFun:

North Port (Brechin) 38 yo 1977/2015 (48.4%, Cadenhead, single cask, bourbon hogshead, 174 bottles) Five stars They had a 1977/2001 in the Authentic Collection that was a little, well, this and that. But this is a different cask and a difference age. Colour: straw.
Nose: ripe orchard fruits in beeswax and acacia honey. That’s all and that’s a lot. Perhaps wet clothes, perhaps damp chalk, perhaps un-dried green tealeaves.
Mouth: ah. It’s got the beauty of a late-period Picasso, that is to say a beauty not everybody would agree on. Say aspirin tablets, Vitamin-C tablets, cut grass, grapefruit juice, plasticine, paraffin, and green tea. It’s actually some kind of riesling but rather from Mosel than from Alsace, or even from Rheingau. They don’t hold a candle to the Alsatians, but… I’m joking, they make terrific rieslings too, up there. Long story short, I love this North Port. There. Excuse me, it’s North Port (Brechin).
Finish: medium, with more lemon. Very zesty.
Comments: not my favourite North Port ever (there, Cadenhead)… wait, that one was a Cadenhead too, it’s the stunning 64/79 black dumpy. Oh well, I’m throwing in the towel. SGP:551 - 91 points.

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