STRATHCLYDE 25 year old, Cask Strength SINGLE GRAIN whisky, at 57.8%

Type: Singe Grain Whisky
Distillation Year: 1989
Bottling Year: 2014

Nose: Quite rye like, lots of digestive biscuits, melted butter with pineapples and clotted cream.
Palate: Sweet, dried bananas, some grassy notes and then pineapple chews.  Soft strawberry yoghurt notes and then white pepper.
Finish: Big whisky, very creamy, lots of dry spices and then coconut, hints of peanut butter and then more creaminess.

The distillery now produces roughly 40 million years of spirit per year having been expanded considerably in 1975 when the Kinclaith Malt distillery with in the complex was closed.

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